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Kairos Devan: Last Born Goddess of Writing

Chapter Five: Aurora's Story AND Severus Snape Meets His Match

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Aurora's story is finally revealed, in part at any rate, by Albus Dumbledore.  However, it is Bill's comment that is her undoing.  Oh, Severus Snape may have met his match as well.  This term should be quite interesting.

Aurora sat there, not looking at Harry.  Oh, boy, here it comes.  Albus say something.  Tell him.  I am most certainly not doing it.  Albus, you’ve kept it from him his whole life.  Tell him now.


As if hearing her plea, Albus went into the story:


“You see, Harry, this all starts before you were born.  Your mother and father were in the Order, of course.  I tell you this information that you already know to lay a base for my story.  You see it is the foundation of your parents being in the Order that the story builds from.


“Lily and James were loved by all of the members of the order.  Yes, even by Peter Pettigrew, who turned around and betrayed your parents to Tom Riddle.  Before Peter even went to the Dark Side, however, your mother found herself pregnant.   She was to have a little girl.


“She had the child, a beautiful, healthy baby girl who was adored by all of the order – especially Frank and Alice Longbottom.  The Longbottom’s were named her Godparents and she spent quite a bit of time with them.  She had been with them when your parents were taken away from you.  She stayed with the Longbottom’s until Death Eater’s corned them leaving them in the state they are in.  She was with Remus Lupin.  


“Remus had the girl, your sister, in the States, where I thought her safe.  I sent Hagrid to Godric’s Hollow to fetch you and meet me at your Aunt and Uncle’s house.   I felt it was the best to keep the two of you apart, you and your sister, because together you could be tracked more easily.


Harry stared at the centerpiece on the table (a moving hippogriff made out of flowers) while thinking through what his Headmaster had just said.  “So what you’re saying, Professor Dumbledore, is that. . .”


“Aurora is indeed your sister,” Albus supplied, “the blood of both your mother and your father.”  Looking over, Harry noticed Aurora had disappeared. 


“Don’t worry, Harry,” Bill said, “she’s just upset.  She didn’t want to see how you would take it.  Of course, she didn’t know that you were her brother until the Death Eaters took her.”


“Death Eaters had her?”


“That’s why she was missing.”  Bill stopped for two reasons.  One: he had said too much and two: Harry wasn’t to know that.  “Harry, before you do anything . . .”


It was too late.  Harry was running out of the room, in search of Aurora.  He looked left only to see Tom the bartender.  Looking right, he saw a table for two, both seats occupied.  The first seat was Severus Snape, Harry’s Potion Master.  The second seat. . .Aurora, his sister.  He walked over to the table slowly, as a lion would stalk to capture his prey.  Harry didn’t want to capture her; he just wanted to talk to her. 


“Well, Enchantress, you know that it would have come to light sooner or later,” Snape said, “you are engaged to his best friend’s oldest brother.”


“I know, Severus,” Aurora replied politely, swirling bright green liquid in a glass, watching it intently.


“Albus finds himself in a position of where there could be a lot of trouble.  Your little brother really knows so very little about all of this.”


“I know, Severus.”


“Your brother has been stepping out of line ever since he came to Hogwarts,” Severus went on.  “If you had been around I doubt he would have gotten into so much trouble.”


“I know, Sever. . wait.  Harry may step out of line every now and again, be he’s always had some pretty good reasons.  He went after the Sorcerer’s Stone because he felt it would end up in the hands of Tom Riddle.  It almost did, in fact.”


“Yes, but your precious baby brother thought that I was the one behind it,” Severus snapped.


“Well, you gave him good reason, being a mean ol’ git every time you got the chance.  I would have thought the same thing.”  Aurora took a swig of her drink, which had now turned red.  “Then Harry risked life and limb to retrieve Ginny Weasley from the Chamber of Secrets and your old friend.”


“Completely uncalled for,” Severus said, his eyes wide and his tone appalled.


“Guess you should watch what you say, Severus,” Aurora said, downing the last bit of the now pink liquid.  “I don’t take well to insults in any nature to anyone.  I apologize for the insult I just gave to you, as well.”  Severus nodded.  “Harry, come and sit down.”


Harry jumped in shock of being addressed.  He had no idea that Aurora knew he was there.  “Harry,” Aurora said, getting impatient, “come here.”  Although impatient, her tone was still understanding, still nice.  Harry sat down, closer to Aurora than Snape.


“I daresay you two have met,” Aurora said, with an amused twinkle in her eye, not unlike Albus Dumbledore’s.  Smiling, she turned to Harry.  “What exactly did Albus tell you?”  Harry told her parts of the story.  Aurora turned her head away, but nodded to confirm the story Harry had been told.  “I’m sorry I haven’t been there.  Had Albus told me I had a little brother . . .Petunia even knew.  I would go to visit her, obviously when you were at school, she never once told me or mentioned it.  I could never get the details of the ‘Harry Potter Story’ straight so it never quite clicked.  Sorry everything’s been pretty rotten thus far.  Let’s just get through this war.”


Smiling slightly, Harry looked away.  There were now about a million questions running through his mind. 


“We’ll talk more later,” Aurora said, smiling.  “I have to talk with Severus here.  He would be the Potions Master, correct?”  Harry nodded.  “He any good?”  Harry nodded again.  “He nice about it?”  Harry didn’t move a muscle.  He could tell Snape was glaring at him.  “Severus Snape, how dare you!  After everything he has been though and you knowing that he was my brother!  Severus, I will get you back, mark my words.  I’ll be a colleague this year.  I will make sure you won’t cross one toe out of line.  Do you hear me?”


Severus Snape, nodded, finally meeting his match.
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