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If I am having an exceptionally bad day or am just frustrated over something, I may turn to this page to vent. 

November 2, 2004
Perfect day to rant?  No?  So, this writer supports Bush.  Despite his obvious downfall, I think the guy can get it together if given the chance.  He's stubborn.  Sound familiar?  That's right, he's just like everyone else except he has power to make things happen.  I don't like to bring politics into anything, I just thought I should voice my little opinion.
January 2, 2004
Woah, a whole two months!!  I tend to do that with things.  I'm just frustrated!  People are morons and no, I'm not going to get into it.  I just want to scream!  Do me a favor, if and when you dine at a fast food establishment - don't be a fucking moron!
Thank you.


Last Born Goddess of Writing: Kairos Devan