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Kairos Devan: Last Born Goddess of Writing

Just Another Gig: Chapter One
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Riley stood behind the counter daydreaming while she wrapped napkins around the silverware.  The only customers she had to worry about were the couple in the back.  She really didn't have to worry about them because the only thing they've been needing was coffee.  Fortanately for Riley, this particular cafe had a coffee station.  She just had to check on them after ten or fifteen minutes.
That was even becoming a hard task because they were back there bickering.  She had no idea what they were bickering about or their relationship, and she didn't really care.  She wanted nothing more to get the book out of her bag or to get her tablet and start writing again.  She stopped herself everytime, however. 
"That's enough, I can't take this."
Looking around, she found that her customers had started to move around.  While, the female did, anyway.  She stormingly paid for her coffee and stormingly walked out.  Raising her eyes questioningly to the male in the back, she went against her better judgement to go and check on him. 
"Sir, is there anything else I can get you today or do you just need so more time?"
"You can get me a brand new life. . ."
Riley looked at him, mildly amused.  Everyone seemed to go through days of hell when they came here.  "Sir, I. . ."
"Alex, my name is Alex," he said, not looking up at her.
"ALEX, I must say that you need to calm down.  How about I get you something to eat with that coffee.  Fighting on an empty stomach never does me any good."
"I'm not fighting. . ." he started, but let her go anyway. 
The two cooks in the back, her friend Spyn and Spiral, gave her an appraising look when she told them she wanted two specials.  "Make it four if you two are going to join us."
"Got a boyfriend, finally, do you, "Spyn asked.  "Let's go meet him."
"He's noy my boyfriend Spyn, he's just going through a rough time."


Last Born Goddess of Writing: Kairos Devan