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Kairos Devan: Last Born Goddess of Writing

Chapter Seven: St. Mungo's in the Summer
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Aurora's sick.  Alia Roman is back.  Snape's in trouble.

St. Mungo’s was unbelievably busy.  Healers were running through the halls and there was a little girl crying.  Minerva ran over to her.  “Sunny, child, what are you doing here by yourself?”


Sunny looked up at Minerva.  “Aunt Minerva, Mommy is sick!”  Minerva picked up the child and rejoined the group.  Bill and Harry were trying to check Aurora into a room and get a Healer. 


The blonde haired nurse was not as collected and bored as Harry had last seen her, last year at Christmas.  “If we knew what was wrong with her,” Bill told the nurse, “we wouldn’t be here!”


After a few more minutes of trying to find someone, Penelope Clearwater came up to them.  “Professors, how good to see you!  Is there anything wrong?”


Albus quickly told her their dilemma.  Penelope looked around.  “Okay, come this way, quickly.”  Bill picked Aurora up and followed as Harry took the lead.  Albus and Hermione behind Harry.  Minerva, carrying Sunny, walked at a brisk pace, Severus and Ron at her side. 


They passed small groups of people nursing small injuries or surrounding one person with major injuries.  When they made it to the room that Penelope should them, Albus took the opportunity to inquire of the events that had taken place.


“People are coming in from all over the place,” Penelope said, her eyes sad and fearful.  “There are claims of Death Eaters and Dementors.  Our world is under attack.”  She made her way to the door.  “My friend, Anton, is a healer here.  I’ll send him immediately.”  She made her exit, leaving the occupants of the room in silence.  Ron and Hermione were staring at Harry.


Bill pulled up a chair from the corner to sit by the bed in which Aurora was unconscious.  He was not yet crying but could feel the tears pushing their way forward.  Severus paced from one corner to the other, unsure of what to do with himself for the first time since Harry had seen into his memories last year.


Minerva sat herself in a chair on the other side of the bed, keeping Sunny occupied while she figured out what she would need to do.  Albus stood near a window, looking out into the fake, enchanted sky. 


A few minutes later, Anton came quietly into the room.  “Hello, my name is Anton Maniac,” he said.  Smiling, he continued, “I’m only a maniac when there’s nothing else to do.”  He walked to the foot of the bed.  “Penelope told me that I was to talk to Albus Dumbledore.”  Albus tore himself away from the window to talk to Anton.  “That must be you.  Sir, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”  Albus shook his hand and nodded.  “What can you tell me about the patient?”


“She is an Enchantress, has a fiancée, and will be teaching at Hogwarts come the autumn,” he said, bluntly.  “We were at a muggle restaurant when she fainted.”


“Did she say anything,” Anton inquired, “or did she just faint.”


“She said something about the wine,” Bill spoke up.


“Yes,” Albus explained, “she said not to drink it.”  Anton’s eyes grew wide with anticipation. 


“Who had some of the wine?”  Anton looked around the room.  Albus, Bill, Minerva, and Severus had drunk wine at dinner.  “Was it all from the same bottle?”  Albus nodded.  “Did anyone happen to bring the bottle?”  Albus and Bill looked around.  Severus raised his hand.  “Can I see it?”


Severus pulled the bottle with the dark liquid from a hidden pocket in his cloak.  He handed the bottle to Anton, eyebrows raised.  “I’m going to have this sent down to our analyzers so we can find out what’s in it.”


“I can tell you exactly what’s in it,” Severus said.  “There is nothing wrong with the wine, nor is there anything wrong with Aurora.”  Bill looked up at Severus, confusion evident on his face.  “I slipped some Veritaserum in her drink when she was not looking.  It seems that it is not a very good idea to try a truth potion on an Enchantress.”  Severus tried to offer a small smile, but failed.


Harry turned to Albus.  “Will she be okay?  I mean, that stuff won’t kill her, will it?”


“Harry, it is very hard to injure an Enchantress.    However, Veritaserum can be rather painful.  Did Aurora tell you that she is not allowed to lie?”  Harry nodded.  Albus continued.  “To give this particular truth potion to someone who cannot lie can be very damaging.  However, this is an Enchantress we are talking about . . .” Albus muttered the last part.  


Hermione spoke up.  “I’m sorry, sir.  How does Aurora being an Enchantress make a difference?”  Bill looked up and shook his head at Albus. 


“I believe that Aurora is the one that must tell you that,” Albus said, kindly.  “I’m sure she’ll be fine in a couple of days, just in time for Harry’s birthday.”  Harry gave everyone, except Severus, a small smile and then went and sat down beside his sister. 




Harry, Ron, and Hermione were told to stay in Aurora’s hospital room.  Albus sent for Molly or Arthur to come and collect the lot of them.  “I’m staying with Aurora,” Bill said to the trio when they asked if he was coming.  When Harry put up a protest to stay too, Bill had to explain further.  “Listen, Harry,” Bill said, quietly, “I’m sure Aurora would want you here just as much as I do.  But, with the possibility of Death Eaters actually being in the hospital.  Well, no one wants you to take a chance.  I’m sure Aurora wouldn’t either.”


Harry nodded, he didn’t want to leave Aurora’s room, and he felt the sudden urge to talk to Aunt Petunia.  Harry also didn’t feel that he should be anywhere were Severus Snape had been either.  Moments after Severus confessed, Alia Roman (Head of the Council) showed up to take Severus away for a while.  She checked on Aurora, and with Severus in invisible shackles, apparated away again. 


Hermione had gone swung into full gear after a small chat with Alia Roman.  She couldn’t yet use magic outside of school yet, so when Penelope came back, Hermione set her to work conjuring different books and other items that she needed.  “Uh, Hermione,” Ron asked, tentatively.  Hermione looked up from an enormous volume, her hair falling in front of her face.  “When Mom or Dad show up, how are you going to get everything back home?” 


“I’ll send it along after you three leave,” Penelope piped up as Hermione turned back to her reading.  Harry sat beside Aurora’s bed, sipping on a cup of tea.  Aurora had hardly moved since they got her there.  Bill was off with Albus for the moment, discussing Severus Snape since Minerva had gone off to find Sunny’s mother. 


Harry stared down at his sister and wondered why he hadn’t realized that she was his sister.  She looked amazingly like his mother, from the pictures he had seen.  Her hair was long and curly, like the pictures.  He felt she had his father’s eyes though.  Remarkably ironic, thought Harry, how we’re just like Mom and Dad except for the eyes. . .   He didn’t feel that it was wrong or evil though.  He felt like he had family.  Sure, Aunt Petunia was okay, except he wasn’t sure of her the way she just changed, bang, overnight.  He’d like to think that it was genuine.  The thought of more lies involving his family didn’t make an ideal situation, in Harry’s mind. 


Aurora stirred.  Harry brought himself out of his stupor and try to focus on helping his sister.  She grabbed his hand as her breathing became labored.  She took his other hand and forced Harry to look at her.  “Harry, not matter what happens, you have to continue the fight.”


Harry stared at Aurora in bewilderment.  What was she talking about?  “Harry, he’ll try to throw you off and make it hard.  You have to fight that and fight him.  Promise me, Harry.  Promise me that you’ll never give up.  Promiiise me, promise that you’ll continue to fight.”

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