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Kairos Devan: Last Born Goddess of Writing

Chapter Six: An Evening in Muggle London
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The group takes time to dine Muggle.

Aurora could not stand to stay in any part of Diagon Alley after that.  She had a rather hurried conversation with Severus before coming to take the small group out.  “Tonight, we dine Muggle.”


Bill stood up and took her by the hand and the rest of the group (including Severus) followed them out of the Leaky Cauldron.  Hermione, Minerva, and Aurora lead the way down the street, leaving Bill to walk with Harry and Ron. 


Minerva McGonagall was quite a sight, giggling like a schoolgirl with both Hermione and Aurora.  She still wore her long black skirt and sleeveless button up white blouse, but she also wore a sweater (black) to go along with her outfit and black boots.  Minerva’s hair was down, for once, and most would agree that it looked better that way, taking about ten years off of her face. 


Albus Dumbledore, walking beside Severus, enjoyed Muggle London immensely.  No one would guess, however, that was because he felt more at home.  He felt as though nothing bad could happen.  People would smile or wave, not scream or grimace at the group of witches, wizards, and an Enchantress.  ‘Ahh, ignorance and tolerance.’


Severus Snape, however, was disgusted with this whole trip.  It’s not that he hated Muggles.  No, that was not the problem.  He hated the company in which he was currently keeping, especially Harry Potter.


Harry Potter.  Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Severus knew that he couldn’t screw up.  Aurora would hang him from his thumbnails in a dungeon in a far away castle.  No, he’d have to keep himself in check. 


Bill walked between Harry and Ron.  He couldn’t believe his luck.  Three years ago, Albus had brought someone with him to a meeting with his parents.  That was when he met Aurora.  She was wonderful, even more so now than she was. ‘Hermione is a luck Enchantress-in-Training,’ Bill couldn’t help but think. 


Harry stared in awe of his sister as well.  She was an Enchantress, whatever that was.  More importantly, Harry had actually family other than The Dursley’s.  Aunt Petunia was okay, now.  However, Harry still longed for an actually family.  A family that cared for and loved him and didn’t grimace or ‘tut’ at him – ever.


Harry made his way up to his sister.  She looked down at him (which wasn’t very far, he was almost taller than she was) and smiled.  “Harry, not right now, we’ll talk in a bit.  Okay?  Tonight, possibly?”


Harry nodded.  He was going to like this family thing, he was sure of it.  He made his way back to Bill and Ron, since walking beside Aurora meant there were four across, which was a bit much.  Bill ruffled Harry’s hair and smiled.  He hadn’t known Bill long, but he could tell the man was in love. 


They made their way to a nice Muggle Italian restaurant.  Severus Snape led the way.  “Severus, what’s the occasion,” the Hostess asked, in late Italian accent.   Albus simply smiled while Ron and Harry gawked at their professor.  The hostess was flirting with him.  Severus Snape – flirting?


Severus gave her a warm smile and turned to Aurora and Bill.  “We are here to celebrate the engagement of a friend of mine.  This is Aurora and her fiancée Bill.”

Harry and Ron turned to each other.  “Friend?” they whispered. 


The hostess moved the mixed-matched group towards a private parlor.  Severus stopped her.  “Belle, we’d like to dine with everyone else,” Severus said, smiling again.  The hostess, Belle, smiled back and led them to a long table in the middle of the room. 


The table had exactly the number of seats that they needed – seven.  Severus sat at the head of the table; Hermione sat directly across from him, being quite self-conscious.  Bill sat to her right; Aurora to Hermione’s left.  Ron and Harry (putting Harry beside Snape) sat to Bill’s left.  Albus and Minerva, Albus beside Severus, sat to the right of Aurora. 


Candles shone light from every available spot of the restaurant. 


Bill’s long legs reached out and met up with Aurora’s legs, they stayed entwined the duration of the meal.  Ron and Harry spend the whole time talking about Quidditch.  Hermione stayed involved in Bill and Aurora’s conversation the whole time.  Minerva, Albus, and Severus had a conversation about the running of Hogwarts and the changes that would be necessary.


Aurora could not help but feel that a private parlor with the right charms would have been a better move.  Anyone could hear them.  Although it was true, anything that they didn’t want others to hear should not be talked about in public, who were other people to bud into her conversation?


She quieted down after that thought, not wanting anyone to hear her or the others.


Bill placed is goblet of wine down.  Aurora, are you okay?”  Aurora stared at him.  She felt dizzy and confused.  She started mumbling something.  Noting the anxiety in Minerva’s face, Bill rose from his seat and rounded on Aurora.  He kneeled down beside her.  “Heart, are you okay?” he repeated his question.


Aurora’s eyes were big as she stared at Bill.  “Don’t drink the wine.”  She passed out.

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