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Kairos Devan: Last Born Goddess of Writing

Chapter One
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A story about Abby Snape, niece of Severus Snape. 

Ch. 1: Sand and Water Can’t Save You


Usually abandoned during the week, the cemetery was full today. Surrounding the oak coffin was at least 50 people dressed in black, and on this sad day all eyes were red and blotchy except one pair.


Staring at her father’s coffin had to be the hardest thing to look at, but Abby swallowed her tears and prepared her self to sing “Sand and Water” as they lowered his coffin into the grave. Abby stepped up to the microphone, and searched the crowd for her Uncle Severus for support, but he wasn’t there, so she turned to her mother, and instead of giving her a hopeful look; she signaled her to push he curly dark brown hair out of her eyes. Abby rolled her eyes and began to sing,


All alone, I didn’t like the feeling,

All alone I, sat and cried,

All alone I had to find some meaning,

Of the pain I felt in side”


She finished thanking God that she didn’t start crying or had to run off because she didn’t want to believe he was gone.




Abby had, had enough of hearing how sad people were for her, and she had no clue where they were going to put all of the food people gave them; she also had no clue who was going to eat it now that it was only her and her mother. She sat alone in the kitchen staring at the ceiling; when some one walked in, “Go away!” she snapped.


“How about not, I think you need this.” Her Uncle Severus had appeared out of nowhere. Abby sat glaring at him curiously for a second before taking the Butterbeer he was handing her.


“Where the hell were you today? Have any thing stronger, like whiskey?” She said taking a swig from the bottle.


 “Why was I so important today?” He asked smiling.


“Well let’s see, he was your brother, my mom was of no help when I had to sing to his casket, and you are the only person who sticks up for Mom and me when the family hounds on us for being American.” She said giving him a sarcastic smile.


“You’ve got to be kidding me they were bothering you today of all days they were crashing on you for being American?” He said with the look only a Hogwarts professor can make.


 “Yes, but I helped none by swearing in German, so we were even. Anyway I need to talk to you.” Abby said.


“Shoot,” he said back.


“I want to go to Hogwarts this year, and I highly doubt Mom will let me go, but if you talk,” Snape interrupted her.


“I already did, tomorrow you will pack your things and you will spend the rest of the summer at Grimmauld Place, okay. She says a change in scenery will be best for you.” He got up and left before Abby could reply.




Abby had packed that night and was prepared for the journey to this new place. She saw it as an adventure but couldn’t show how excited she was, because she was still too depressed about her father’s death. She woke early in the morning thinking:


Ok so long home schooled witch, hello actual school. Don’t panic they don’t know what happened that night. This is your chance to start over.”


She closed her eyes and listened for the sound of Eos her owl to come flying through the opened window.




Last Born Goddess of Writing: Kairos Devan