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Kairos Devan: Last Born Goddess of Writing

Chapter Two
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Abby and Severus arrive at Grimmauld Place.

Ch.2: New Arrival


 It was another hot and humid summer day at number 12 Grimmauld Place. The day out side the invisible house was just as lazy as the people inside. Everyone sat scattered around in the rooms that were safe to be in, all except one.


A boy, just shy of turning 16 with jet-black hair and jade green eyes, sat alone in his room hidden from world mourning the death his godfather’s death. Suddenly there was a knock at the door,


"What," he said sharply. In came a boy with vivid red hair,


"Harry, Mum said you need to come down soon, Snape will be here soon with his niece."


 He left the room but before he could close the door Harry called out to him,


"Ron, I'm not completely demented over Sirius, you can talk to me. I'll be down soon."


 Then Ron left and he made himself as decent as possible.


"If it's Snape's niece she can't be any thing special," he thought to him self. He forced himself out of his room and down the stairs. Half way past the picture of Sirius's mother the curtains flew open, and she started to scream. Harry stopped, turned around and yelled extremely loud,




Then he slammed the curtain shut and looked down the stairs where the whole Weasley family was staring at him,


"Like I said I'm not completely demented."


Mrs. Weasley lined all of the children up and inspected them while giving them the speech Snape had told her to give them,


"Now listen I want you to be nice to the poor girl, she has just lost her father and this is her first year not to be home schooled from Hogwarts, okay? Now Harry, Ron she is in your year and when Hermoine gets her in a few weeks I expect you two to be getting along with her and able to get her and Hermoine to get along," then she turned to Fred and George, "You two, I expect no pranks to be pulled on her. By what Severus has said she is in no mood to play jokes but he said in a few months she will even help you create stuff, not that I'm happy about this. Now I am going to tell you all this I have seen Snape with her and he is a totally different person with her so this is good for all of you he is in a better mood and he is joking and horsing around but to keep that up do nothing to make her want to leave. I also hear she is beautiful."


As Molly finished Snape was walking through the door, and behind him followed a young girl, with warm brown eyes, soft brown curls for her hair, and her presence gave off a nurturing sense. Harry had one look at her and thought,


"No way is she related to Snape."


Snape spoke before anyone else did because they were too shock of Snape’s niece,


"Everyone this is Abby. Abby this is everyone."


Abby smiled and said in a quiet but strong voice hi.


Harry thought to himself, "Her voice is like an angel," and then their eyes met.




Abby's Point of View:


Abby walked into the house and it fell dead quiet. Uncle Severus introduced her and she took in every one. The majority of the people had red hair and freckles, but one stood out to her. I the corner stood a tall boy with jet-black hair and jade green eyes that were so hypnotizing when she met them with hers she couldn't take them away. Him leaning on the side of the wall made he think back to Patrick Swayze in “Dirty Dancing”. He had this whole mysterious look to him that made Abby feel like the song “Time of my Life” would start playing, and everyone there would start dancing. But he just stood there leaning against the wall, looking gorgeous and looking at her.   


“Abby, that boy with the black hair is Harry Potter.”


She snapped out of the trance she was in as soon as she heard his name, she smiled at him and thought,


“That is just perfect the boy I fall for is the one Uncle Severus warned me about.”




Last Born Goddess of Writing: Kairos Devan